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Dmitro Façades is a regionally leading cladding, specialist facade and building envelope contractor.

Over the past 15 years, Dmitro Facades company has completed over 120 residential and commercial construction cladding projects throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, and has earned an industry-wide reputation for its ability to manage and deliver on large, fast-track construction projects anywhere in the United Kingdom and Europe.

The Company markets its products directly to large commercial architectural and engineering firms, general contractors and building owners, and has a growing list of repeat users and word-of-mouth referrals. Its long-tenured team of professionals has extensive experience in the cladding industry and the design, engineering, production and installation of exterior wall panels.

The majority of the Company’s work is focused on the design and production of exterior wall, window, flashings,copings, cornice and column cover panels. These panels are widely used on hospitals and medical centers, hotels and condominiums, office buildings and retail centers, educational and civic buildings, casinos, and specialty use buildings such as sports arenas and parking garages.


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