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                                       ’Safety is not façade, Safety is zero harm’’



Our commitment

We are committed to achieving zero harm. This means everyone gets home safe, and returns fit for work, every day.

Safety and health are at the heart of our business. We never ask anyone to compromise safety in the name of Dmitro Facade and when things arent right, we will stop and make it safe.

To deliver our commitment, we will work together to continuously improve our working environments, our systems and our culture.

Our approach

Management set clear objectives, targets and strategy, and regularly monitor progress.

Our team leaders promote best practice, set a personal example and recognise contribution to achieving zero harm.

We ensure that hazards are risk assessed and controlled to prevent harm to our colleagues and anyone affected by our activities.

We define, implement and comply with standards that go beyond legal requirements.

We ensure that our colleagues and our subcontractors are trained and competent to undertake activities safely.

We consult, listen and respond openly to our colleagues, subcontractors, clients and other stakeholders.

If incidents occur, we investigate them thoroughly to understand the causes and take appropriate action to prevent similar incidents occurring in the future.

Our role

We expect everyone who works for or with us to:

Care for themselves and anyone who comes into contact with our activity

Discuss how we will improve safety, health and wellbeing

Follow relevant standards, procedures and systems of work

Own issues and ensure they are resolved

Challenge behaviours and conditions that may cause harm and act on challenge from others

Report all hazards, near misses, and incidents

Share learning and prevent similar incidents occurring in the future.



  Taras Stasyuk


 Dmitro Facades Ltd





safety first




Health and Safety Policy                                                  British Safety Council Member




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